From elementary school through high school, I was the kid who illustrated the newsletters, did the art for the class projects, etc., so I never aspired to be anything else but an artist. Yet in college, as an art major, I was disappointed with classes in the art department so I decided to pursue a more pragmatic course of study that led to an MSN and a Ph.D. and my formal career as a clinical nurse specialist in mental health, a psychosocial consultant and an author. 

Although making art took a back seat to graduate school and trying to be a “creative” wife and mother, I carved out time to enjoy as many art workshops and classes as possible. 

My favorite media is watercolor, but I also like painting in oil, acrylic and pastel. I have been invited to show and sell paintings in numerous venues. (Please see Art Bio).

In most cases, I choose subject matter because I have a vision of the image that I want to express with paint, ink or other media. Usually, I have an emotional connection to the subject, but sometimes I paint something merely for the challenge, for example, to show my students how to show perspective, try an unusual composition or even put an abstract spin on a representational object. On occasion, I accept commissioned work, which, of course, is painted for a specific individual or family. Many of my paintings are from my imagination or my memory of an image. Some I have painted on site (en plein air), and some are from photographs I have taken orfriends have taken who give me permission to use the photo.

Currently, in addition to my art career, I am fortunate to continue to use my mental health background in seeing clients and in teaching art to emotionally ill children.

Inquiries about my work may be directed to:
Joyce Sutkamp Friedeman, Ph.D. at c:513-646-0131

Joyce Sutkamp Friedeman, Ph.D.